Monday, April 27, 2009

I went on a date!

We rarely leave our boys with a sitter. We either take them along or stay at home, but last Saturday Bruce and I decided we wanted to go out alone. Levi, age 12 and Luke, age 7 don't always get along (they fight verbally and physically to the point of driving me insane). I don't leave them home without supervision.

I called my brother John and SIL Marlys to see if they would watch the hooligans for us. They didn't answer any of their phones. Obviously they have caller ID and a good idea that we might be looking for a place to dump our kids.

We were all dressed up (I had even plucked the two long hairs that grow out of my chin mole) so we decided we'd try to leave them alone. We ordered huge amounts of pizza and chicken to be delivered, hoping they would gorge themselves and be so loaded up with carbs that they wouldn't have enough energy left to maim one another.

Bruce and I went out for steaks. We were surrounded by families with kids. Kids that were screaming, kids dripping blue ice cream on themselves and smearing it on their unsuspecting mothers back. We loved every minute of it. We smiled at the crying and fighting children and were so thankful that they weren't ours.

When we got home all was calm. Luke was sleeping in bed and Levi was calmly watching TV. I think Bruce and I might start having regular date nights.

Sister Cheryl's Cakes

My sister Cheryl has gotten into decorating cakes.

She went to a cake decorating demonstration given by this guy.
He is a big deal on the Food Network. I didn't get his name.

Cheryl's son Justin lives in a group home with lots of others.

Cheryl made this birthday cake for Justin's house mate Char.

Notice the guy in the background who has edged his way into Char's moment of glory?

That's my nephew Justin. I think he was probably wanting a big chunk of that cake.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sister Bonnie made me aware of Susan Boyle's performance on Britian's Got Talent. Wow! Imagine the emotions this woman experienced. Bottle those and sell them, you'd become a billionaire. If you haven't heard her yet, check it out here. Go back and give Paul Potts another listen too. His voice also gave me goose bumps.