Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dawn's Family Take II

My sister Cheryl and I took new family pictures for my niece Dawn.

Then we designed a holiday greeting card.




Heath and Hooligan 2 with his missing teeth.

Three boys relaxing on a soft bed of leaves.

Harlan simulates gently falling leaves.

"Thanks alot, Dad."

"Hello Kitty."

"Hello Berries."


Aunt C said...

So glad I wasn't down wind today!!What a family! Mocha said to say hi to Kelly and sorry about the small "gift" she left. She said it won't happen again if she can come play soon!

dd said...

Mocha is welcome again just don't feed her before she comes. And as far as the smell of the family goes welcome to my life, I have been trying to curb that habit in the boys but when the father doesn't listen how do you set the example. The pictures are a great improvement. Harlan says Adriana is gone now.

dd said...

BY the way the added words were very funny. I laughed hard.

Shay said...

Pictures look great! Like the comments.

nephew m's wife said...

These pictures are much nicer than the first ones. The holiday card is also very nice! (Just in case you wanted my opinion!)

Slug-A-Bed said...

I definately wanted your opinion! I love opinions. More, more, more!

Jo-Jo said...

I agree that these pictures look awesome. My husband laughed pretty hard when he read the comments... we both enjoyed them :)