Saturday, March 21, 2009

Open house results.

We had our first potential buyers come to our open house Thursday evening. Seven couples came. Two may want to buy our house but, they need to sell their own homes first. One lady fell in love with the house but couldn't convince her husband who would like to build a new home.

Our realtor will continue showing our house and we will see what develops from here. He called today and before answering I had a feeling of fear that someone actually wanted to make an offer on our house. I am so conflicted. I will definitely miss this house if we move. I finally have everything done here with the help of my family... artwork on the walls, nail holes filled, doors painted, front porch railing installed, gardens established etc. Then I think of the house across the street from my parents home. It is 200 square feet larger than our house and has a den and 2ND bedroom upstairs as well as a full bathroom upstairs for the boys. It is close to my parents, swimming pool and lots of kids for the boys to play with. Like I said, I am conflicted. Our current house is perfect for me but the house in town is better for our family. Time to be unselfish I suppose.

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