Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our first offer!

I felt like my date ditched me at the dance. Brent who was interested in buying my house, traded houses with my neighbor Eric. But all is not lost, our realtor took another couple through our house last night and they loved it. My pond sold them. They made an offer last night! We have until Saturday to reply. Another couple will be coming through the house tonight. Also our school district has hired a new high school principal and she is a widow with two kids. I would love to have her look at my house. I think it could be a good fit for her family. A principal would need a nice back yard to relax in after a stressful day right? Or a jetted tub in the master bath?

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Robynn's Ravings said...

Yay for YOU!! Hope everything goes through just the way you want it to.

Yes, I am a complete stranger. lol Just browsin' around PW's site while waiting for her to answer the next question in live chat. Your home is gorgeous.

And I LOVED the story about when you got spittin' nails mad.

I write a (mostly) humor blog and am the mom of two teens. Anyway, just had to say HI!

Blessings to you and let me know how the house goes will ya? I'm inVESTed now! lol