Thursday, November 19, 2009

Goin' to Kansas City, Kansas City here we come.

Three of my sisters and I got to meet Ree in KC! Rhonda, Bonnie, Cheryl and I went, unfortunately our sister Lorri had to work.

On the way we ran into snow. The roads got so bad that I even suggested we pull off the road and miss seeing Ree (drastic measure). Thankfully Rhonda, our driver, persevered and we made it.

We also met her boy punks and her manly husband. Wow on the husband, he's gorgeous in person! I once mentioned in Ree's comment section that If I ever met them in person I was not the type to ogle her husbands butt. (Everyone ogles his butt on her site especially when she posts a picture of it in chaps.) I lied. I ogled.
It was also very nice in person. Can I say "I saw his butt in person?" I think I can. His voice is gravely and sexy, there is something extraordinary about his eyes. Let's just say he is a fine specimen.

The boys were adorable and entertaining. This looks like a sweet hug, it is actually a head-butt to the neck.

"Look what I found Dad."

Tossing his little brother over the wall. They got lots of laughs.

Ree looked awesome as always. Loved her outfit. We were in the second row. The interviewer asked us to write down questions for Ree. The lady skipped my question which was, "Have you waterboarded your children lately?" It was an inside joke Ree would have got because I asked a question involving waterboarding during one of Ree's question and answer posts. Anyway, Ree was sweet and funny. She sang. Then they awarded door prizes.

MM gazing adoringly at his wife as they get ready to give the prizes.

Cheryl won! Ree's oldest son presented her a wall hanging that said "Cowgirl Up". Ree gave us all a T-shirt and I got a hug when we finally got our books signed. Ree said she was glad to meet me!

He wanted that mic bad.

A helpful smack on the butt. He got a big laugh for that.

Practicing their mixed martial arts.

Being goofy and the crowd loved it.

My sister Bonnie found the cutest Limoges figurine of a basset hound. We let the boys look at it while they where waiting for their mom to finish signing books. They loved it and so did Ree when we gave it to her.

Ree announced that she will be publishing Black Heels to Tractor Wheels! I hope she does another book signing tour. We want to meet Mike next time.

It was worth the hours of waiting to finally meet Ree. We had a great time at the signing, and in KC in general. Lots of shopping.


Cheryl Lange said...

It was a great time! Had to catch up on sleep today though!

Bonnie D said...

Great pictures! I'm ready to do it again!

Anonymous said...

Awww! How sweet of you to give PW a Limoges version of Charlie. Loved your post and loved all the pics of her boys being...boys!

Anonymous said...

Where can I see The video of the UFC fighting?

Slug-A-Bed said...

My sister Cheryl is trying to load the video on utube. I will post it here when it's available. She said the quality is not the greatest.

Mrs. Accountability said...

Hi! Was on the Bonnie Hunt chat thing last night. I was the one with the chicken petition. :-) The feed was garbled, I only heard "someone put a petition online garble garble think my rights are being violated" I was a little freaked out. LOL. That's why I said I'd take it down. But then when I was able to replay I heard she actually was happy about it! :-) Was fun chatting with you and the others last night! We're all happy Ree fans! And need that "Reehab" that someone mentioned. LOL!

Slug-A-Bed said...

Mrs. Accountability, It was fun wasn't it. Hope to see you around.