Friday, January 15, 2010

The Lap of Luxury

My private balcony. This is the view from my bed on the third floor!

View from the roof top deck.

Second story balcony.

Port of Long Beach with Uncle Jack, Bob and Glenn.

Glenn, Uncle Jack, Bruce and Cheryl.


Glenn and Uncle Jack.

Loren and Rhonda.
Loading and unloading containers onto and off of ships.

Cheryl, Glenn, Bonnie, Bob and Bruce.

I'm not a lap sitter by nature, but the lap of luxury is a VERY nice place to be. I am writing this while listening to the ocean waves, the sun is glistening off the water, temp is a perfect 75 degrees, doors to the balcony are open wide admitting a slight breeze.

I traveled to Long Beach California Wednesday morning with three of my sisters and our husbands. We settled in Wednesday night with a nice meal and then bought groceries. We relaxed with refreshments then called it a night.

Yesterday our Uncle Jack gave us a tour that highlighted the extremes of the area. We went to the upper deck of the port of Long Beach where we saw the large vessels being loaded and unloaded. We went to Farmer Johns, a meat packing plant that Bruce used to deliver to when he drove truck in this area, then through a poverty stricken area with many homeless on the streets. Within what seemed like only a few blocks we went through the garment district, then the jewelry district where every window was alight with sparkling jewels and the streets were full of people who looked like they could afford to buy them. What a contrast in the human condition. We also toured Hollywood and Beverly Hills before heading for home.

The freeways here are another sight to behold, they seem to take in humans of every condition and walk of life and blend them together, spinning some off to the right every so often. What I couldn't figure out is why all the tennis balls in the drains along the road. About every 15 feet there was a tennis ball laying in the gutters along the freeway. Perhaps one of the great questions of our time to which we may never know the answer.
We had burgers with Uncle Jack, Uncle Willis and Aunt Evy and their daughters and their daughters families and Uncle Garrit and Aunt Grace and their daughter Jonna. We ended up at Uncle Jacks to see Aunt Kay before they both went to our beach house to bring us home and take the grand tour. Half of us went to bed and the other half stayed up to watch an exquisite show. (My Luke says exquisite instead of explicit.)

Today everyone except my sister Bonnie and I went to Universal Studios. Bonnie and I are relaxing in our lovely beach house. I will be posting pictures and a description of our house (luxury's lap) in another post.

I think I may go sit out on my balcony with a book and a tomato beer. Another post soon hopefully.

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