Friday, February 6, 2009

Baby Cozyn.

We have a new baby in the family. His name is Cozyn.

He was born to Gina (Maidzilla) and Kelly on Jan. 29.
As you can see he is healthy and beautiful.
He does not enjoy flash pictures.
Can you imagine coming from that warm floaty womb out into the
cold world with flash bulbs penetrating through your eyelids?
I think I would frown too.

He is pictured here with Great Grandma V.O. (my Mom).


Helen said...

How could no one have commented on that little bit of perfection? He is beautiful. I just found you through one of your comments on PW. I love your garden, too, wow.

Slug-A-Bed said...

Thanks so much Helen, More pictures of Cozyn soon. I am going to make birth announcements for them. Stop by anytime!