Sunday, February 1, 2009

Final Hood Post!

This is absolutely what I would do to Ree's hood at the Lodge. Have I said that before? Anyway, I would purchase a wooden onlay and have a faux painter match what was done to this medallion. I think it is gorgeous. It would look good with the cabinets and with the stainless steel. This faux treatment is called antique bronze.

I found this carved wood onlay at Osborn Wood. I don't know the exact dimensions of the lodge hood, but this one looks like it might work.

This is a rough mock up of what it could look like.

Is there a ten step program for hood decorating?


Mother T said...

That looks great.

Pioneer Woman said...

You are so creative, Slug-a-Bed! I've bookmarked all your Lodge posts and keep going back and looking. Thank you for spending so much time on this.

(Next time remind me just to do a downdraft ventilation...)

Slug-A-Bed said...

Thanks for stopping Ree. I need help, I can't stop with the Lodge decorating! Thankfully, it doesn't cost me anything to play around and have fun with the Lodge. Hope you guys are still having fun there. High speed internet makes it all worth while right?!