Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cheryls Panama Cruise so far.

My sister Cheryl and her husband Glenn are on a cruise ship heading for the Panama Canal. They have to pay as they go for Internet access on the ship so the email was short. She sent these pictures and said everything is going great.

On their private balcony. Is it called a balcony on a ship?

I wonder if Glenn will be entering any belly flop contests on this cruise. He and their son Jesse won that contest on their last cruise.

They have a suite on one of the upper decks.

This looks lovely. Oh, to have a good book and the view out these windows!

My Luke just asked, "Why are they there?"

I answered, "For fun."

Luke, "Without us?!!"

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Shay said...

Man that look way to nice to enjoy for 10 DAYS! Glenn probably doesn't know what to do with himself, especially with the casino only so many feet away lol..