Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lodge kitchen from PW's place.

This is the Lodge kitchen area from over at Pioneer Woman. I probably broke 1,100 copyright and/or infringement laws by downloading these. What the heck, take me to jail PW! I could use a break, catch up on my reading, maybe play a little cards with the other bad a$$ ladies.

I really hope she doesn't mind. I just had to try out some ideas I have been tossing around. I used Photoshop to make some changes.

I took the hanging lights from her inspiration room and put them into her kitchen. I though it needed something to break up all the lines going on above the refrigerators. Also I think it helps lose a little of the eyes and nose appearance of the windows and hood.

I went with stained wood on the bottom of the hood, kept it simple.

I would like to see some ornamentation on the hood though. Something metal with flowing lines for relief from all the straight lines in this area.

I would lose the side windows. I think they confuse the eye. (I heard someone on HGTV say that once and I've been waiting for an opportunity to use it. For a minute there it almost felt like I knew what I was talking about!)

Notice how the tile only reaches the fridge tops in this example? I'm glad she went higher, I think it ties everything together. I ditched all the windows here too. I don't like it. I think I would keep the windows above the refrigerators. Maybe put textured clear glass in the dark colored frames P-dub mentioned they had ordered. The textured glass would let light pass through while blocking out the beams, ceiling and skylights you can see beyond the openings. The windows in the inspiration room kinda sorta have the look of textured clear glass.

Maybe a couple of spot lights could be focused on the windows from behind at night to create a warm glow in the windows. This kind of stuff gets me all excited! If I have some time later, I will try to make an example showing the glass and dark window frames. I know, I know, if I was any kind of blogger at all I would have done that already and posted that picture now. I have been busy alright! The tax man cometh people! We have a pre-year-end tax appointment Thursday morning and I'm not ready! So get off my back! Just kidding. I must save my real ranting and raving for my husband who can't recall why he wrote a check to TXP for $1,137! Anyone know who or what TXP is? Anyone? Anyone?

Maybe cream colored stained glass like the background glass I used in this piece would look nice and blend in a little more with the wall color. What would you do with this area? Do you like the hanging lights? Or would they collect dust and grease? Give me more ideas and if I have time I may try them out tomorrow.

See ya later!

OK, so I couldn't sleep. I went ahead and added the cream colored stained glass and the dark frames. I like it! What do you think? I also blocked out the stainless refrigerators with stained wood. It looks warm and inviting, doesn't it? Oops, I left the side windows in. I'll be right back.

There. How's that? Do you like it better with or without the side windows? Now I think I like it better with them.

Here is a version with a light paint treatment on the hood band. It looks good, but I'm not sure it looks right surrounded by all the stained wood.

Keep the lights or lose the lights?

Here I tried to take the tile all the way up. Too much tile. Definately like the glass though. And the hanging lights.

This is what I would do. Final final final.


dd said...

Maybe you should have asked your excellent payroll preparer what TXP was before you bothered the Big Guy. It would have saved you both a headache. Or maybe it wouldnt have.

Tatersmama said...

Can you please come to MY house and do the same thing? Except I don't have a single idea in this pretty little head of mine.... all I know is that I want changes!

Oh... to have even a little bit of your flair and talent!!

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