Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ree's Lodge.

Downloaded more pictures from Pioneer Woman. I actually had her permission this time. I found some borders that could be used on the hood in her Lodge kitchen area. I love this hood border, it's made of iron.
But I think it might be a little dark for the Lodge hood.
This is darkened copper, but I'm sure they would use whatever finish the buyer requests. They don't list any prices on their site, that always scares me.

This one is bright copper. These lovely metal borders can be purchased seperate from the hoods at the Texas Lightsmith.
Does copper clash with stainless? I'm not sure. I definately like this border though.

I found some cool tiles . These are 6"x6" engraved terracotta tiles. I'm afraid they could be pretty hard to keep clean so I probably wouldn't use them in a kitchen. Maybe another area of the Lodge?

They are from TerracottaCorp.com.

These tiles seem perfect for a Lodge/ranch.

They can be grouped together to form a herd running across the hood.

I found them at Linda Paul's Studio.

I like the horse tiles best and I think they would be easiest to clean. Let me know if you have a better idea for the hood. I will try to show what it would look like on The Lodge hood. I also like the windows with the stained glass panes. Keeps the windows from looking like dark holes. They could be back lit to give a warm glow at night. I also lowered the subway tile to line up with the refrigerator tops.

What do you think? Do you like the metal hood borders? Tile? Stain? Talk to me.

On a different subject, I bought these barstools online from Target. We like them alot. I think they could look nice in the Lodge.

P.S. I found a web site that makes tiles from your photos. It's called Tilepix. Ree could put her own wild horses on tile! I love that plan. It's less expensive too!

I used Ree's photo titled "Spirit", it seems perfect for a border. The mock-up is rough, but you can get the idea. She could make tiles of cowgirl pin-ups or the birds she loves to use in her blog banners. What fun!


wookie said...

I followed your link from PW's site...have to say, I love the horse tiles, too. I'll leave a comment on her site as well.

Slug-A-Bed said...

Thanks wookie, Come back anytime.

Ree Drummond said...

You are extremely creative, Slug-a-bed! I'm having so much fun looking at your ideas.

Slug-A-Bed said...

Thanks Ree, I am having fun playing around with ideas for your lodge. Stop by again, you are always welcome here.

Sis C said...

Love the ideas of the pictures but really like the all the metal borders also!

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