Tuesday, December 2, 2008

These are my great nephews. Baby Dawson brings the number of living family members on my side to 73. That includes my parents, their 8 children and spouses, their children and spouses and their children. Does that make sense at all?
I have been madly cranking out picture Holiday greeting cards for the last week for both sides of my family.
I made this card for my MIL. That's me and my immediate family on the right. I may have removed a chin or two from my face and inches from other areas. I love Photo Shop.

These are my husbands paternal grandparents. This is their first ever photo greeting card. Grandpa and Grandma didn't have a portrait made this year so I made them one out of the photo below which was taken at my SIL's fall wedding.

I ditched the bride, no offence Dawn, and put Grandma and Grandpa side by side. Then I did a little work on Grandmas age lines. She loved the portrait and wanted cards made!

Can you tell I like black backgrounds?


Liz said...

They are so sweet!

Jo-Jo said...

Looks Great! They are all cuties :)

Slug-A-Bed said...

The first two comments were referring to the 3 boys at the top. I added the rest of the pictures after they commented. Although I think Grandpa and Grandma G. are cuties.

nephew M's Wife said...

Those are great pictures of thoses 3 adorable little boys!! Even though boy #2 was NOT in the mood for pictures, he must get that from his fathers side of the family!!!