Thursday, December 4, 2008


My boys have a new best friend. We adopted a three year old boy named Shiloh last Wednesday. We have been visiting the Humane Society, walking dogs and searching for the perfect companion for our family. I finally found Shiloh last week and he is nearly perfect. The people who had him before were forced to give him up by their landlord. They did an awesome job training him. He doesn't jump up, doesn't lick us unless we ask for kisses. He follows commands like a dream. Finally someone in this house obeys!
He is so calm, but loves to play. He gets his baseball and drops it at our feet, if we move away, he picks the ball up and drops it loudly at our feet again and again. I need to get my hands on a video camera. We throw the ball and Shiloh catches it in the air and puts it back in our lap.

He is a sweetheart and a gentleman. We are all in love with our new dog.


Shay said...

Shiloh is adorable! What a cute puppy. Does he get to go to Gpa and Gma's house too? haha..

Slug-A-Bed said...

Hey Shay,
He went to meet Gpa and Gma on his second day with us. On the way over Luke said, "I sure hope he doesn't hump Grandma."

John said...

That's a good looking dog.