Saturday, January 10, 2009

My nephew is a winner!

My nephew Mark makes me proud for many reasons. He is a very hard worker and a good provider for his family.

He loves his three boys.

He worked extra jobs to help his wife get a nursing degree after they were married and had children.

He's a volunteer firefighter.

When Mark was asked to help his small town with a fundraising project he went above and beyond the call of duty. They asked him to enter a contest, the winners of the contest would have their pictures made into a calendar.

I would guess that most of you have seen those hunky firefighter calendars right? Mark was not asked to do one of those. This is what Mark did for his small town.

He dressed as Tina Turner and sang one of her songs. (The 'man' playing the guitar is my niece Becky.)

Evidently Mark was not willing to lose any body hair for his town.

He had three different outfits courtesy of his tall girl cousins.

Guess what?! The little minx won! He was voted the best in the pageant!

He got to wear the tiara!

And the sash!

Here he is with all the other men that helped raise money for their town. Aren't they purty?

A man has to be very confident in his masculinity to do charity work in their town.

Mark and his little white muff even got to be the coveted December picture for the calendar! I am so proud!


Shayla and TAd laughing... said...

Muff lol!

ain't got no muff said...

Muff (handwarmer), a fashion accessory, usually of fur, for keeping the hands warm...I know those cold people in MN have their muffs available on a daily basis in the cold winter!!

Aunt c said...

Nephew M has shown so many facets of his life. I truly have seen his best side on many occasions! I see some people are envious of his muff also. You are THE man!!

Nephew M's wife said...

Isn't he/she beautiful?! And to think... he is all mine! I never thought I would be married to a beauty pageant winner!! By the way... his mother made his beautiful Miss December outfit... yes, even the muff!!

Cher said...

Sister R, did you ever think you would be sewing your son a Miss December outfit? What mothers do for their children!!

Rach said...

Do you have another relative that is simliar about 33-35 that is single?

Rach said...

Hee Hee Ha Ha Kidding!
But not...

Slug-A-Bed said...

Sorry Rach, The next unmarried nephew is 14.