Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ree's Lodge, it's Cheryls fault.

This is Ree's TV area at the Lodge. She asked for help in decorating this area so my sister Cheryl went to work.

Personally, I think Cheryl should get a life, hehehe, but I will humor her and post the changes she made to the TV area.

Doesn't this arrangement look awesome? I like that rug. I wish it was extended under the couch though.

Here it is with a bright red rug and the cow hide on the wall. I love it. Doesn't it look cozy and inviting?

Notice the photo is changed here. The two chairs that are matching should be positioned together, just like Cheryl has them. I also like the couch off the wall just that little bit.
WOW!!! I think this is perfect. Awesome work, I think I will give Sis C all the decorating tasks on this blog. She puts my puny efforts to shame. Welcome to the team. Shall we call her Cheryl Slug? Slug II? Slug Too?


Selena said...

I hope Ree comes to see what you guys did. It looks great.

Suzanne said...

I really like what you did... and you did exactly what I would have done with plants, a rug, some throws and pillows... and the awesome horse picture. It looks great and I hope Ree does take a look!

Lynette said...

I think you did a good job decorating PW's space. It looks really comfy and inviting!

sister bonnie said...

You should put a square table with a lamp between the two leather chairs.

montana girl said...

It looks you and your sister Cheryl are workin on gettin an invite to the lodge.

Slug-A-Bed said...

An invite would be very welcome. We could help her with the hood and the niche!

Anonymous said...

very nice!!! Just throw a couple of pillows around the fire place for those extra guests to sit on, nice and cozy!!
theresa in alberta