Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ree's hood again. It's Bonnies fault.

Last hood post then I have two real posts planned. My sister Bonnie found this exquisite wooden hood border and I had to share it.
Is that about the most gorgeous kitchen you have ever seen? Notice the different counter tops used? And the rock wall? Gorgeous!
We think the Lodge kitchen area needs some curving lines. Right now everything is short straight lines. The hood doesn't need the fancy carving. Something simple would look better, but keep it curved. And it has corbels to tie in with the bar and laundry! I bet Mom and Pop cabinet makers could whip this out, stamp a large ranch brand in the center, distress it, stain it and have it installed in no time!

The wood border is from They don't list any prices on their site and you have to go through a interior designer to make a purchase.

This one is white tile to match the existing subway tile. It is from

What would you do if you had to make the 'hood' decision?


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