Friday, October 31, 2008

Dawn and her family.

My niece Dawn and her family took snapshots recently. I don't know what type of lighting they were under, but it was a horrible, nasty, unfriendly light!
She asked if I could make some changes in Photo Shop. And because she told me that I am her favorite aunt of all time, I said, "Of course, I will ease your troubles in any way I can, my dear niece."

These are the before shots.

The light bulbs they were under need to be taken outside and used for target practice!

This is after Photo Shop. I love Photo Shop.

Because her husband made a not so nice comment,

I added this one for Dawn.

Hooligan 2 lost both his front teeth this week. (Pictures to follow in another post.) Unless the tooth/teeth are missing from a darling six year old, I think a missing tooth automatically drops the IQ by about 30 points. Not true, I know, but that is how my mind processes a missing tooth. For instance, would you trust the advice of a Dr. that was missing a tooth?


Jo-Jo said...

Slug-a-bed I think we have something in common... we are both fascinated with teeth. The only sad thing is that you like to make them look worse!

BC said...

Gorgeous family. Have to be their related to me. So when do we get to see our youngest sisters pageant pictures?

Slug-A-Bed said...

I am waiting for additional shots before I post the pageant pictures. Your baby sister has lovely legs,a little on the hairy side though! Did you never teach her to shave? Tomorrow Cheryl and I are taking new outdoor pictures of Dawn and her family. I think we can get a better family picture than what I posted here.