Sunday, October 19, 2008

Engagement pictures.

My sister Cheryl took engagement pictures of our niece Angela and her fiance Nate, on Saturday. Hooligan 1 and I assisted, I helped pose them and snapped candid shots while Cheryl took the primary pictures on her fancy shmancy camera. H1 carried the camera bags and provided shade for the couple when Cheryl asked him to. H1 also lightened the atmosphere by calling Nate a "Freakin' Beast" after he checked out Nate's muscles.

Cheryl took this one, it's one of my favorites. The first version is straight out of the camera.
I wasn't doing my job very well. She had that small white string on her sweater the entire time and I never noticed it.

I cropped so they are a little closer and the contrast, brightness etc. has been adjusted slightly.

Here I desaturated the colors a little, made her skin appear more porcelain-like. That's what I think it did anyway.

This time, totally black and white.

This is even closer, I went with the porcelain look and faded the color along the edges.


This is the same as # 5, except I didn't fade the edge.

Here I did the desaturation thing, took the string off of her sweater and the shine off his forehead. This is my favorite. I wish we would have gotten his hand on her tummy with her hand over his showing the all important engagement ring! We have it in other shots of this pose but their heads are not together in this lovely way. When posing them I told him to look closely into her ear, then both to close their eyes. Not nearly as romantic as it looks!

OK, so what do you think? Not about the couple, we all know they are freakin' gorgeous, blah, blah, blah...... What do you think about what I did to the different versions of the shot? It's all about me here people. So which do you prefer? Is there something you would have done differently?

Ladies, if I receive enough comments, I may add a full body shot of Nate without a shirt! I snuck a shot of him while he was changing, Cheryl made me do it!

This was when H1 called him a freakin' beast!

Seriously, they do make a gorgeous couple and they are both lovely people, inside as well as out.


Sis C said...

Number 1 with 2 coming a very close second.

Anonymous said...

Number 1 and and the desaturated version of that one I like.

Ugly Betty said...

I like all of them! Was wondering if you touch up pictures for others. I'm not the best looking and need all the help I can get.

Anonymous said...

How many comments do you need in order to post the Freakin' Beasts muscles?

Anonymous said...

lets see the guns already!!!!

aek mom said...

The pics look great! Thanks for all your help.

Slug-A-Bed said...

Hey, Ugly Betty, check out my next post. You could be my first winner.