Monday, September 22, 2008

Bovine Hair Styles

A couple of years ago, when we lived on a farm, I was responsible for feeding up to 400 head of cattle. The Big Guy taught me everything I needed to know about cattle, except how they did their hair.
When you see them lined up at a feed bunk every day, you begin to realize they all have distinct faces and hairdo's, just like us humans.
Check out these steers at my sister C's farm. I cropped these photos, but no other changes were made.


Aren't these curls too perfect! You know he
would be getting all the girls if he was capable.
(Steers are males that have been altered
so they are incapable of getting the girl,
if you know what I mean.)

Side view of curly top.


He didn't take time to 'do' his hair today.

Reminds me of me. I'm tired too, honey.


Trying to hide in the back with that receding hairline?


The Grunge look here. He had just eaten,
and I didn't give him time to clean up.


Punk Rocker.


This one brings to mind Micheal Jackson.

White face, over 'done' girly shaped nose.


Don't you talk about Micheal that way!

I'll throw your white a** over that fence!


These two use the same stylist.


Ryan Seacrest?


This guy thinks he's so superior. You know he spent hours in front of the mirror getting every hair in place like that! The arrogant prig!


Hey, buddy. Just get out of bed?

Got cotton mouth? Water tank is over on your right.

No problem, glad to help.


His stylist should have paid more attention when they covered 'sublety in highlighting' at beauty school.


Wait a minute, this guy is checking my hair!

OK, OK, maybe I could have put a little more effort into my 'do'. But, we were only going to the farm! You don't have to be so critical man!

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Aunt Krissy said...

Learned something new today! Didnt know that cows worried about their hair.