Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My lovely pergola.

A brand new pergola, yeah! I found it in the clearance area at Lowes, regular price $297, clearance price $74. SCORE! I do love a bargain! WoooHOOO!

It was perfect for our back patio. I got it home, put it up, used the stakes provided to secure it. I even added extra cement blocks to ensure it wouldn't be damaged by wind. It does get windy on top of our hill. Better safe than sorry, I always say.

I swagged back the mosquito netting on all four sides. Just lovely....(blissful sigh).....a grand sight to behold.

This is my pergola today. Not grand....fractured exposed skeleton .....broken and forlorn.........its carcass crumpled over the fence. It stood for less than one day before the wind took it from me. Why...why....was I too proud? Too pleased with my material gain? (solitary tear slowly slides down cheek, lands softly on keyboard.)

Hold on, hold on.......wait a minute. You there, guy with the horses, get out of my shot! I don't want to show beautiful horses right now. We're being sad over here. Move along please. Don't call out, "Nice night to be outside!" to me. And wipe that smile off your face!

OK, just ignore them. I know his horses are gorgeous with that setting sun on their rumps, but let's focus on the pergola. Pretend they are not over there, enjoying the beautiful fall evening, while we are here trying to deal with my loss. Let's recapture our feelings of sadness. Are you with me? Good.

This is what she looked like in all her glory.

Gone, but not forgotten.....(heavy sigh).

Actually not really gone, some one still has to go clean up that mess. Is that my job? Really? I'm grieving here people. Does no one care? No cleanup volunteers? (....waiting......patiently waiting.......) Did I mention that I have cancer? Three kinds of cancer? (Still no volunteers.......we hear only crickets.) OK, fine, I'll do it by myself! (Mumbles softly under breath, "Jerks.")

I think I will be posting again about my pergola. I have a vague plan to use the corner supports behind my water feature. Maybe I can fashion them into a trellis of sorts. Hmmmm......I think I'll go give The Carpenter a call....ask for some advice about this new project.


valley girl said...

Your blog is so entertaining I am thinking of starting my own. Do you have any tips to share?

Slug-A-Bed said...

I'm having a ball. Go to blogger.com, its very easy.

Aunt Krissy said...

so very sad! I dream of them also. I had a very ugly cheep sun umbrella that the wind took away, I got another cheep ugly one to replace it! It hurts when money is tossed to the wind

The Carpenter said...

You are so pathetic. That cancer thing got me to build you a new house, but it doesn't work on me anymore! Don't call me. I'm on to all your little tricks.

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