Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I trick a family member!

The Carpenter (middle brother) now tells me to, "Look it up on YouTube." when I ask him for advice on projects.

See, The Carpenter has figured out that what I really want is for him to come to my house so I can then trick him into helping me with whatever project I'm working on. Last week I got him to help plant about 20 trees. Two years ago I got him to build me a house!

Alas... how cleverly he uses YouTube to outsmart me. Yesterday when I asked for advice on how to get rid of the weeds in my rock beds, he told me to check YouTube for this advice from Farmer Giles.

Love Farmer Giles. Love his accent, his clothes and his tip.

Then I got sidetracked and watched this:

And then I watched this: (Turn your volume down if you're at work.)

And then I watched this:

Then I got confused and disoriented, I forgot that my weeds needed killing and took a nap instead.

I'll call The Carpenter tomorrow and tell him I lost Internet access and I need him to come over to tell me how to get rid of the weeds. Do you think he'll fall for it? Do you think he might be reading this post right about now?


Liam (and his mom) said...

I'm so glad you stopped by! And speaking of beautiful kids, you seem to have a couple yourself! I loved the post on photoshopping your son's picture. Made me laugh out loud! So funny.

To answer your other question, I definitely learned my lesson. No one will be seeing me without a bra again, simply because I refuse to answer my door or leave my house. Me so smart! ;o)

ByTheSeatOfMyPants said...

Let me know if that works to get The Carpenter over to do some work for ya. Send him over here!!

Christine said...

Can we call that "The Running of the Moo Cows"?
I didn't know about Farmer Giles - I'll be sure to look for him.
And, your garden is gorgeous!