Friday, September 19, 2008

Hooligan 2, elementary art.

This work of art is a self portrait of Hooligan 2
(1st grade). Some orthodontia may be in our future if that's what he sees in the mirror. What's with that third eye? And the two demented red ones?

Again with that mouth. Thankfully, this is not a self portrait. I titled it, 'Pippi Longstockings on Crack.'

This third one is from kindergarten (last year). It was of animals at the zoo.

That's a gun in his hand. Looks like I need to explain that nice boys don't 'pack heat' when they go to the zoo.

"The animals at the zoo aren't the kind of animals you shoot, honey. Actually, you are not allowed to shoot any animals. OK, fine, if a wild, feral beast is attacking us, you may shoot it with your air-soft gun. Put your eye protection on first though!"

At the bottom of the page he explains that the zoo animals are bols (bulls). He likes them because they bcus wyld (bucks wild). I didn't ask what those large, hairy things hanging down well past the hooves were.


Beth said...

Hi. My name is Beth and I happened upon your blog from the post you left on Pioneer Woman's blog, which I read EVERY day. I'm not in the habit of commenting on stranger's blogs, but when I read about your cancer(s), I just wanted you to know someone in Las Vegas is saying a prayer for you today. My best friend in Idaho just finished breast cancer treatments. Cancer seriously sucks! But, at the same time, the medications and treatments do help people live longer lives and that is great. I don't need to tell you that, though. You're boys are darling. Good luck with your recovery. Oh, and I love your back yard. In Las Vegas, it's all about brown and the varying shades of it. Desert and all, you know. Even the green looks brown sometimes!

Aunt Krissy said...

Read your blog, found it via PW, but I know what you mean, its nice to see a comment! even if its just one!