Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hacked! (Yes, once again the evil (ANGELIC) hacker has struck!)

The last post was written by an evil hacker (beautiful and passionate sister). I might agree with some (all) of the words written, but I want you to know it was ___ posted by me, Slug-A-Bed. (That will teach me to leave my blog signed in on her computer.) The password has (NOT,REPEAT NOT) been changed, don't(so) try it again Carehead (my lovely sister)! (OK, I WILL)

I was born on my(beloved) sister Carehead's 9th birthday. She tells me it was her worst (best in the world) birthday ever! She got no (a lot of) attention. Waaa, waaa, waaa (yeah, yeah, yet another yeah) . Maybe (For sure) she was the one who came up with my hated (beloved) middle name 'Jane'. Hmmm. Maybe she was paying me back for taking her birthday moment in the sun. Hmmm. It's all becoming clear (foggy) to me now.

In high school I was complaining (rejoicing) that I disliked (absolutely loved) my middle name, 'plain (ravishing) Jane'. I was (am) such an idiot (intellectual woman)! The very popular girl (Homecoming Queen) that I was complaining to was named Jayne. Of course her name had the 'y'. That makes it a totally different name right?

Anyway, now each year Carehead and I head for the city on our shared birthday. We get a free dessert at Applebee's. You would think they might become suspicious, both of us claiming the same birthday. No one has ever asked for proof.


sister carehead said...

I've been called many things but evil hacker? I'm devastated. I was only trying to add a little love to your blog. What do I get, nasty names. Thanks, L Jane.

Aunt Krissy said...

I have a twin and we get questioned all the time when we try and do the free cake stuff, we dont look alike so they dont belive us, We then pull out the DL

Brad Pitt said...

What a great sisterly love!

Remember: peace-hope-love is found everywhere!!

Slug-A-Bug said...

Brad Pitt could sue the pants off you, Fearful Leader, BFD and Carehead! He told me doesn't like it when my loser sisters use his name in vain. Tee hee he. (My sisters are in Kansas City, WITHOUT ME because I am RESPONSIBLE and stay home and take care of my family and home. They could go because they are all OLD Grandmothers with no kids at home. Bring it ladies, I'm waiting for your comeback.)

Arnold Schwarzenegger said...