Sunday, September 28, 2008


Hooligan 1 behaved very badly in a store yesterday. This post is all about getting even with my lively firstborn! Below you will see H1 in this years class picture. Nice looking kid if I may say so myself. Since this is my blog, I decide that, yes, I may say so.

The picture below, however, is the picture his friends will be receiving in an email later today. I do love Photoshop!

Hee, hee, hee. Check out those ears, that tooth, and the flattened head! I thought the monobrow was a nice touch. Take that kid! YES!!

Hooligan 2 is giggling uncontrollably looking over my shoulder at this picture.

All the books on disciplining children, (I've read them all) say you should be willing to take the same punishment you mete out to your children. So below is a before picture of me.

Now I am giving myself the same punishment I gave H1. I morphed myself into a hideous fat person. Check below for my after picture. How gross.

Check out that nose, the chins, and the thinning hair! Ha, ha, ha!

OK, as you probably guessed, I switched my before and after pictures. Now you know why I stay inside and blog. Don't want to scare people by going out in public. If you read my earlier post about scaring my neighbor, you now have a better understanding of my neighbors fear.


Sister carehead said...

Did you leave anything untouched? Maybe the big bump on the roof (Torus palatinus) of your mouth. Anyway beauty comes from within. Which we both have so much of.

Slug-A-Bug said...

Can you leave me no secrets? I was not planning to tell people that I have a torus palatinus!

Lurky Turky said...

I read something about people that have Torus palatinus, they have super intelligence and are quite sensual. Does that apply to you,Slug-A-Bed?